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How it all began ...

Dream Big Therapy Services was originally established by my friend and fellow occupational therapist Shannon Densmore in 2012

She and her husband, Dr. Rod Densmore were committed to providing quality services to children and families in the Columbia/Shuswap area.

When Shannon decided to retire in 2015, I was honoured to be asked to take over Dream Big Therapy.

It was with deep gratitude and joy that I accepted their offer and the challenge to keep up the tradition of Honouring Strengths, 
Overcoming Challenges and Facilitating Dreams
of children and their families.

OUR philosophy ...

A Welcoming Place

Dream Big Therapy strives to be a welcoming environment in which parents and their children can bring forward their strengths and challenges without fear of judgment. We encourage parents to grab a ‘cuppa’ and feel at home in the office space.

Just Right Challenge

We provide a setting in which children and youth can experience the “just right challenge” as they explore the gym, work on functional skills and participate in their therapy.

You Know Your Child Best
Father and Son

As a family centered practice we honour the expertise of the families; You know your children best. Our job is to help decipher what you see and to develop strategies and skills that will support your children in optimizing their potential.

Family Focused
cdc-20YP7NENJzk-unsplash (1).jpg

Knowing that a support network is crucial for families, working with siblings, grandparents and other key family members is always encouraged. This can take the form of a family information session at home or in the clinic, videos of sessions for extended family to see what is happening at therapy, or just having people join us for the appointment.

It's a Team Effort
Kindergarten Guide

We believe in working collaboratively with your whole team. With parent permission, teachers, behaviour interventionists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, counselors, daycare/preschool staff and babysitters are welcome to contact us to discuss therapy goals and how these impact their particular role on the team.

Promoting Growth
Chalkboard Drawings

Evidence-based practice is key to our therapeutic supports. As such, we are committed to continuing education and implementing those skills in areas that will promote growth in our clients.

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